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PMaps Assessments
2 min readSep 7, 2022

According to my knowledge and research, there are many organizations that deliver psychometric assessments. I have collected a list of top-rated companies for your reference. These are known to provide the best Psychometric assessments in India;

1. PMaps: To give their clients flawless execution, PMaps has a team of seasoned psychologists and observational behaviour practitioners with more than 20 years of expertise in industrial psychology, statisticians, and IT professionals.

Their visual based competency framework of the tests are three times faster than standard ones. Their platform is incredible and unique as it uses photographs to assess personality.

It has helped premier customer service and sales-driven firms reduce hiring time and increase hiring quality. If you’re hiring front-line employees, they’ll use a scientific evaluation to help you hire faster and better.
You can get more information about Psychometric Assessments Here.

2. IMocha: iMocha helps companies build competitive teams by providing reliable talent data, AI-powered skills evaluation tools, and expert assistance.

3. Mercer Mettl: Their research-based exams, efficient cloud platform, and in-depth analytics enable clients and workers to achieve dramatic results. They design customized assessments for every stage of the employee lifecycle, including pre-employment screening, applicant skill assessments, employee/student training and development programs, certification exams, contests, and more.

4. Merit Trac: MeritTrac is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manipal Education and Medical Group, UNext Learning Private Limited. MeritTrac’s executive team is made up of seasoned experts from various industries who are passionate about driving the firm forward through innovation.

5. Jombay: They provide efficiency, speed, and insights to modern Assessment Centers and Development Programs. Their integrated platform combines technology and behavioural science to help businesses rethink and virtualize their hiring, development, and succession planning processes, while also improving operational efficiency and lowering costs.



PMaps Assessments

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